Our Facilities


The school is blessed with twenty-eight standard classrooms

ICT Center

A standard and modern ICT centre with enough computers to help equip the students practically and theoretically to face the taste of the time

Jum'at Masjid

A befitting masjid for the students to observe their daily and jum'at prayers

School Buses

Laboratiries and Library

Staff Room


A standard and specious auditorium with modern facilities that befits all kinds of programmes.

Fish Farm

The academy established a modern fish farm essentially to help the students acquire vocational and life skill trade for self empowerment

E-learning Center

It is another modern educational facility embraced by the school so as to help the students meet up with the 21th Century.


An enclosed hostel with befitting facilities to ensure a comfortable accomodation for our future leaders.

Common Room

A viewing room with an audio-visual master availing to the leaders (students) the opportunity to watch Islamic and educative movies like Spelling bee, Gifted hand, Mufti Menk, Ahmad Deedat, Dr. Yaseer Khalid etc. collections.

Kitchen and Dining

For our future leaders to eat and dine for the body and soul to get ready for teaching/learning process.

School Clinic

The academy employed an experienced nurse and technician to handle the school clinic.