From the office of the Vice Principal Academics

As the clock ticks to the end of the year so also the wheel of progress continues to turn in Islamic Leadership Academy. It is exactly three now that the school began academic activities as a Day school, since then we have progressed and developed our boarding facilities to accommodate a handful of high proficient and hardworking boarding students. We continue to mould and shape our future leaders who are prepared to be resourceful, independent and responsible leaders of tomorrow.

Our school continues to grow from strength, over the years due to the diligence of the staff and the cooperation and purposefulness of the students and their parents.

In Islamic Leadership Academy we do not only train our students on how to achieve academic excellence, we also intensify our effort in moulding the students spiritually and also expose them to opportunities of having practical experience on " the world of Islam". This year, we introduced umrah trip to Saudi Arabia in March/April. It was highly successful, we thank parents for their support.

In Islamic Leadership Academy, we have made tremendous progress in improving the learning environment and infrastructural facilities, this has translated into positive result in our first BECE examination. Our students performance was exemplary, thanks to the management and staff who supported this course this year. Surely, we are working continually to improve the environment, academic, social and spiritual life of the school with a view to make Islamic Leadership Academy a home away from home "a Comfort zone of our students".

At In Islamic Leadership Academy, safety and well-being of our students is our top priority, we also guarantee the development of students potentials toward the acquisition of knowledge, skill and positive attitude. Students are trained to be responsible leaders and independent learners. We shall continue to grow from the position of best to the position of strength. We also offer series of other programmes to the community, these include Tahfiz programme, Islamiyyah and Intensive Arabic course for working people.

We also offer series of other programmes to the community, these include Tahfiz programme, Islamiyyah and Intensive Arabic course for working people.

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Our Vision

To provide academic excellence with sound moral guidance alongside develop their potentials and provide them with the best training and developmental mechanism so as to achieve their leadership traits, dexterities and sligles based on Islamic values and principles.

Our Mission

To provide qualitative education for the students for unchartered success where there no limits guided by Qur'an and sunnah using skilled man-power, contemporary facilities in order to face scientific and technological challenges.

Our Policy

Honesty, reliability and of course open door policy so as to sense the wishes of esteemed and amiable parents/guardians by ensuring that their children/wards have a fulfilling future and become good leaders.