About Us

Islamic Leadership Academy was born out of the desire to address the most conspicuous and fundamental challenge facing the world at large and Nigeria in particular - Leadership problem.

It is no longer a news or an imagination that the failure of leadership in Nigeria is so all pervasive and endemic people often imagine that why do Nigeria leaders fail their subjects in all ramification? Why does almost every young hopeful end up being such a tawdry disappointment?

Most analysts attributed the failure to so many factors ranging from socio-economic, political reasons e.t.c. Recent survey revealed that the failure of leadership in Nigeria in simply on account of a repetitious failure of persmality and a short fall of moral fibre, this reasons and others propelled the need for an orientation centre for the future generation to understand that leadership is all encompassing and each shall be accountable to his/her participation in all sphere of life either as a leader or a follower with the fear of Allah and love for humanity, that will inevitably ensure highly efficient and productive value-enhancing institution to better the life of Nigerians in the nearest future.

The meaning of Islamic Leadership Academy

Islamic - Islam simply means the total complete and irresistible surrender to the wills of Allah subannahu wata'alaa and the authenticated sunnah of prophet Muhammad (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) while islamic is to adhere to the entire teachings of Islam.

Academy - is a college or school for special training.

Islamic being islam is all ramification , leadership is a position or state of being a leader and the ability to lead is to have the leadership skills and qualities while academy is the orientation centre for special training.