Steps to Apply Online

Apply Now

Step 1

Click Apply Now
  • Click on Apply Now Link
  • A list of available applications would be displayed

Step 2

Select Application
  • For transfer student, click "Apply" on Application for Transfer Students
  • For new students, click "Apply" on Application for New Students

Step 3

Login / Sign Up
If you already have an account, login with your email and password
If you don't have an account click "Create an Account"
  • You would be presented with a sign up form
  • Fill all the required details appropriately
  • Click Submit
  • A verification message would be sent to your email, open the message an click the link sent
  • You would be redirected back to the applications page, click Apply on the appropriate form

Step 4

Fill Application Form
It's now time to fill out the application form
  • Select the class from the list
  • Fill out the applicant info
  • Change the tabs and fill out all the information accordingly
  • Click "Submit and Make Payment" at the top after you have finished filling the form, however if you wish to save and continue late. Click Save.
  • After clicking "Submit and Make Payment" you would be presented with the payment page

Step 5

Click Apply Now